The Ultra Leadership Method is the

Coaching Technique for

Setting Ultra Goals & Achieving them.

How does it feel to run for 39 hours straight?

I ask my clients to set a goal so big that they cannot achieve it at that point. But by the end of the Ultra Leadership Method course, they will have grown to become the people who can.
— Ashmoret Mishal

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Types of Courses:


 ♦ Endurance Training

This proprietary training program is about enhancing your physical and mental abilities through a unique regime of exercise and sports coaching methods.

We teach you how to: 

♦ Use exercise and training to FOCUS YOUR MIND ON ACHIEVING GOALS
♦ Increase your stamina and strength and USE THIS NEW POWER TO WORK SMARTER and FASTER
♦ Then to use the progress you have made and the things you've learned from exercising and running as a METAPHOR THAT YOU CAN APPLY TO IMPROVING BOTH YOUR BUSINESS LIFE AND PERSONAL LIFE

This course will guide you to:

  • Achieve your fitness and sports goals
  • Practice the 6 most important management steps and tools
  • Implement 6 self-leadership skills and coping strategies


♦ Mental Coaching

This proprietary mentoring program is about leading you to the change and results you want to see, by empowering your mind’s focus and performance.

We teach you how to: 

 ♦ Set the right goals to suit your potential and passion
 ♦ Increase your stamina and strength and USE THIS NEW POWER TO WORK SMARTER AND FASTER. 
♦ Increase your GRIT and gain the necessary mindset and skills to MAINTAIN your long-term SUCCESS in life, work and business.

This course will guide you to:

  • Improve your management skills and ability to plan and manage your resources
  • Maintain your focus on long-term projects and help you finish what you start
  • Overcome the setbacks you’ll face when conquering the important challenges on the way to success.

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