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The Story of Ash

Ash has been offering custom workshops and presentations to companies, organizations and schools for the past 8 years. Through these, she has helped more than a thousand groups and individuals in her coaching career as a leadership and endurance trainer.

Ash has presented and taught her Ultra Leadership Method at leading organizations and platforms in New York & Tel Aviv.

Her groundbreaking approach has been featured on Good Day New York, ThePostGame, EPN, Ynet and more.

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Types of Workshops

·      Lecture (1 hour)

·      Keynote (4 hours)

·      1-Day / Boot Camp Training(8 hours)

·      Outdoor Training


Ash’s presentations are frequently tailored for these groups:

  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Women
  • Students
  • Youth at Risk

Here are her most popular topics:


The Science of Goals Achievement

What does it take to succeed in long-term goals? In this talk, Ash explores the psychology of motivation and grit. Through the course of the talk, she will help attendees scale themselves, and extract practical tips from the science.

The talk will cover the following points:

  • The Psychology of Setting Ultra Goals
  • The Main Natural Barriers on the Way to Gaining Big Success
  • 5 Ways to Reach Ultra Success


The Power of Mind Control

Do you know that your mind is the key to your success? Do you know why you do what you do? In this talk, Ash will delve into the ways you can use your mind as your biggest resource in reaching success and train it to stay focused. Participants will be able to use these tips both for preparing to achieve long-term goals and as a way to overcome challenges and difficulties.

The following points will be covered during the talk:

  • The Magic of Visualization
  • The 3 Mental Tools that will Stop You from Quitting.
  • The 3 Energy Tips and Techniques for Lowering Gear.


The Keys and Steps to Ultra Success

By implementing the necessary management keys for gaining ultra success, Ash completed and won a 125-mile ultramarathon race. Teaching you from this experience, she will guide you through her 12 Steps to Power Performance program – coaching you in the business plan of ultra success.

In this talk, Ash will cover these points:

  • How to Break down big goals & dreams into manageable pieces.
  • How to better control your goal achievement process and progress toward achieving them.
  • How to maintain high levels of passion & perseverance during challenging moments.


The Power of Group Influence & Communication

In this workshop, Ash will lead guests on exploratory exercises for a meaningful discussion about how to succeed in personal and interpersonal goals.

Ash will also help individuals and teams reset communication patterns, better cut to the chase and develop deeper bonds.Whether she is speaking and coaching managers, employees, teachers or entrepreneurs, everyone needs to know how to harness the power of group influence and communication.

Specifically, Ash will cover:

  • How to Increase Communication Effectiveness
  • The Steps for Team Work Success
  • The Psychology of Influence



    Get The "Ultra Success - 12 Steps to Power Performance" Book!

    Ultra Success
    By Ashmoret Mishal

    Online Workshops:

    We have an online workshop that you can finish at your own pace, any time and anywhere. Here is a clip from our Ultra Leadership Method course on Udemy:




    Notable Past Workshops:

    • JETZY, New York
    • Organized Trip, New York
    • Weekend Seminar, Social Dashboard, Los Angeles
    • EQUINOX, Executives, New York 2017
    • SIYO Fitness, New Jersey
    • Keynote Speaker, Arlo Hotels,  New York
    • The Anita Shapolsky Foundation, New York
    • Speaker for JACLA, Jewish Activities Center of Los Angeles, May 2017
    • Speaker at Colman, College of Management Academic Studies
    • The Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority, July 2016
    • The Anti Drug & Alcohol Authority, Modi'in, April 2016
    • Fatal Company, Executives, March 2016
    • The Negev Regional Council, Students
    • Israeli Ministry of Social Services, Youth at Risk
    • Community Center, Netanya
    • Israeli Police Force, Officers
    • Wingate Institute
    • The Olympic Center - Tel Aviv, Managers, January 2016
    • Zeder:Yariv Advertising

    • Israeli Air Force, Camp Rabin
    • CyberArk Company
    • B-WELL, Health Consultant Company
    • Shoham Runners' Club
    • The Amal Educational Network
    • Rakia, Trainers, September 2015
    • WIZE Pub Night Speaker, Ben Gurion University
    • Clalit Healthcare Company
    • Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv, March 2015
    • ANCLD - Ariel National Center of Leadership Development
    • Neot Kedomim
    • Etgarim, Israel Association for the Disabled
    • Gordon Pool, Tel Aviv
    • Rozin Country Club 
    • Debate Company, 2014
    • The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel




    Ashmoret “Ash” Mishal is a former leadership and endurance trainer of the Israeli military, and a published author. 
    She is an international ultramarathon champion (125 miles) and her courses and method have been featured on Good Day New York, ThePostGame, EPN, Ynet, XNet and more. 

    As the founder of The Ultra Leadership Method and 12 Steps to Power Performance, Ash regularly speaks and appears in the media to discuss her unique approach and research. She remains in high demand as a trainer and public speaker.


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