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Success Starts in Movement

The "Ultra Leadership Method" Is The Coaching Technique for Setting Ultra Goals & Achieving Them.


"Ultramarathoner Ashmoret Mishal Trains You The Same Way She Did With Israeli Military"

- ThePostGame

The Ultra.Training course is designed to give participants goals-based management and self- leadership tools using the structured "12 Steps to Power Performance" Method that is a proven formula for success.

We focus on two main types of long- term goals:


Each session in the business 6 / 12 week series is devoted to a specific section of the management capability spectrum, as well as to the self- leadership mindset and skills.



Using self-management sports processes, in each session our participants face a physical challenge and implement the coping strategies that will lead them to achieve their required goal in our 8 / 12 week series.



Train With Ash


Success Starts in Movement



Through a personal, physical and unique experience, this workshop will give participants the practical tools they need for succeeding in their personal & professional long- term goals.


This workshop will implement the following sets of skills:

♦ The setting of ideal- realistic goals

♦ Performance assessment, planning and strategy

♦ Practical use of existing and required resources


As a leadership and endurance trainer, Ash has led thousands of groups and individual for the past 8 years in her coaching career.

Her groundbreaking approach has been featured on ThePostGame, EPN, Ynet and more.