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The 5 Keys to Reach Your Ultra Goals in Fitness & Daily Life


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Join the upcoming 120 minutes special Ultra.Training X JETZY SUMMER outdoor fitness workshop of The 5 Keys to Reach Your Ultra Goals in Fitness & Daily Life, on Wednesday - August 16th!


Location : Pier 26 / Hudson River.


⭐️ Download the free ultratraining app to start training the ULTRA WAY!

⭐️ Download the JETZY app to get a special discount of $10.


*Ticket cost for participation is $40.

This includes the "Ultra Success - 12 Steps To Power Performance" Book!


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About the Ultra.Training :


The Ultra.Training is the fitness and endurance branch of the Ultra Leadership Method : The Coaching Technique for Setting Ultra Goals & Achieving Them.


It is being taught and practiced through the proven formula for success of The 12 Steps to Power Performance, created by ultramarathoner champion, former Israeli Defense Force trainer, author, speaker and coach - Ashmoret "Ash" Mishal.




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About This Workshop :

The 5 Keys to Reach Your Ultra Goals in Fitness & Daily Life will guide you to better manage and achieve your goals by practicing practical goals achievement skills and self leadership tools through a physical workout of the ultratraining 120 minutes workshop.


Key 6 - Self- Awareness!

Testing our range of abilites and traits- Learning about our personal super- power and the ways to empower our disadvantages.


Key 7 - Challenging!

Assessing our current and future challenges to better understand what we need to overcome for achieving the future goals.


Key 8 - Persistence!

It is nevertheless a skill to stick to your goals and tasks until they are done! This skill is taught and practiced in the ULM courses.


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