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The Power of Group Influence & Communication


Ash gives her custom workshops and presentation to companies, organizations and schools.

As a leadership and endurance trainer, Ash has led thousands of groups and individual for the past 8 years in her coaching career.

Her special approach has been featured on The Post Game, EPN, YNET & more.

Ash has presented her Ultra Leadership Method around Israel and the United States, presenting at leading organizations in the public and private sector.

Here’s one of our hosts, Aryeh Rifkin, introducing the story and program of Ash:

“I have met a lot of people that achieved a lot. But just a few of them dedicated their life to helping other achieve their maximum potential. 
You are about to inspired and motivated, and most of all to be given tools that will guarantee that at the end of Ash’s program, your life will change! You will be able to achieve those goals that every day you say ‘I wish I could do this. Why didn’t I do that?’ "



In this workshop, Ash will talk and demonstrate:


" The Power of Group Influence & Communication "


In this workshop Ash will lead guests on exploratory exercises for a meaningful discussion about how to succeed in personal and interpersonal goals.

Ash will also help individuals and teams reset communication patterns, better cut to the chase and develop deeper bonds.Whether she is speaking and coaching managers, employees, teachers or entrepreneurs, everyone needs to know how to harness the power of group influence and communication.


Specifically, Ash will cover:


  • How to Increase Communication Effectiveness
  • The Steps for Team Work Success
  • The Psychology of Influence




Ashmoret “Ash” Mishal is a former leadership & endurance trainer of the Israeli military & special forces, as well as a published author. 
She is an international ultra marathon champion (125 miles) and her courses and method have been featured on The Post Game, EPN, YNET, XNET and more. 

As the founder of “The Ultra Leadership Method” and “12 Steps to Power Performance”, Ash regularly speaks and appears in the media to discuss her unique approach and research. She is a sought after trainer and public speaker.