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Ultra Training for Business Track : L.A Boot Camp with Ashmoret Mishal

The Ultra Marathoner Female Champion of the 125 mile race Wants to Train You Like She Did With The Israeli Military.

With Ashmoret Mishal's ULTRATRAINING for Business Track, You will be able to power your work & business performance, and to train and practice her special mind techniques that will help you THINK BIGGER, and WORK SMARTER, following her 12 Stepscomplete guide for goals and success in her next boot camp training in L.A.


* Watch her recent (July 2017) live interview to the Sports Channel, explaining how she applies the ultratraining concepts to your ultra business goals.


And read more about her unique coaching approach:



What are you going to gain in Ash's next boot camp training?

With the ULTRA.TRAINING fully engaging step-by-step coaching program, you will acquire and mentally practice the Ultra Leadership proven formula for success: “12 Steps to Power Performance”.
For business owners of ALL levels, from an an independent professional, to an emerging entrepreneur, up to senior executives. 

· Steps 1-4. Establish an ideal goal, assess your situation, and build a plan!

· Steps 5-8. Set milestones, be aware of your super-power, overcome challenges, and stick to your goals!

· Steps 9-12. Practice & improve coping techniques and self-control. Reassess your goals. Succeed!

- - - -


Friday, August 4th, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Management Skills, Steps 1-5


Sunday, August 6ix, 10:00am- 2:00pm

Self & Group Leadership Skills, Steps 6-12



2 Days participation : $150

1 Day participation: $80

- - - -


About Ashmoret Mishal:

Ashmoret “Ash” Mishal is a former leadership and endurance trainer of the Israeli military, and a published author of the book: "Ultra Success - 12 Steps to Power Performance".

She is an international ultramarathon champion (125 miles) and her courses and method have been featured over the American & Israeli various media, such as: ThePostGame, EPN, Ynet, XNet and more.


As the founder of The Ultra Leadership Method: "The Coaching Technique For Setting Ultra Goals & Achieving Them" and the "12 Steps to Power Performance" method, Ash regularly speaks, appears in the media and hosts coaching workshops to discuss and teach her unique approach and research. She remains in high demand as a trainer and public speaker.




"The Ultra Leadership Method taught me the practical steps I needed to become a better business leader. By following the 12 Steps to Power Performance Method I was able to close a major partnership whose negotiations had bogged down for months. The 12 Steps Method can be applied to any business, while Ash'slaser focused coaching helped me cut through the bull shit excuses that had been holding me back. I have no doubt that the 12 Steps Method maximized my performance as an entrepreneur and allowed me build a business that lived up to my true vision." - Simon Goldstein, Founder & CEO of BOON Rewards Inc."I have met a lot of people that achieved a lot. But just a few of them dedicated their life to helping other achieve their maximum potential. 
You are about to be inspired and motivated, and most of all, to be given tools that will guarantee that at the end of Ash’s program, your life will change! You will be able to achieve those goals that every day you say ‘I wish I could do this. Why didn’t I do that?’ " - Aryeh Rifkin, Founder & CEO of JACLA and Social Dashboard. "Through the years, as both pupil and business coach, I've had a vast experience with various coaching methods. I find the Ultra Leadership Method, developed by Ashmoret Mishal, to be a top notch! The business program of the ULM has been highly effective in both the planning and execution of our company goals." - Rob Charles, Founder & CEO of Goldfingr



Watch Ash's 4 minutes documentry movie of her 39 hours race to get inspired, and to understand the personal story behind the Ultra Leadership Method!