Exercise & Running contain many of the same challenges that you encounter at work and in your personal life. 
In this book, Ashmoret (Ash) Mishal, shows you how to apply the essential lessons needed for successful running, such as: planning, self- control, focus, overcoming challenges and consistency - and how to use these same methods to improving leadership & management skills. You will also learn how to apply these concepts to enhance your personal & professional life. 


In this book, you'll explore:

Goal Setting - How to start working on achieving your goals and how to define the right goals for you. 

Situation Assessment and planning - How to evaluate your current condition and how to build a realistic plan. 

Milestones- How to break down the big goals into smaller achievable goals. 

Ability awareness - How to define and empower your strengths and weaknesses. 

Challenging and consistency- How to continue the progress and to keep up your routine. 

Crisis management and self – control - How to over-come difficulties and how to ease stress. 

Succeeding at your goals- Finding the pathway to achieving your success. 

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