ABS Workout

Ashmoret Mishal

ABS Exercises


In this column, in the series of “Ultra Training,” I will be sharing with you my 4 main ABS exercises you can perform anywhere & anytime.


It’s important to strengthen the abs because they are the main part of our core muscles, which include the lower back, hips and gluteus.  Strong core muscles lead to better balance and stability, and are important for any physical activity as well. If you have strong abdominals, you also reduce the risk of sports injuries. So, remember – there is more to your investment than building a six-pack or lean tummy!


Exercise # 1 - Sit-Up


We start the exercise lying on our back, holding our hands behind our head with our arms opened to the sides. Then, we crunch up all the way holding in the posture for 5 seconds. Inhale and exhale as you tighten your muscles during the crunch. Then, lay back and perform the exercise again.

Reps: 20-40


Exercise # 2 - Hugging



We start the exercise with a tight crunch, holding our hands straight next to our body while our legs are straight in the air at about a 45-degree angle. Then, we bring our legs to a fold and close to our chest in a hugging position. Hold in this posture for 5 seconds while inhaling and exhaling. Then, perform the exercise again for up to 30 repetitions.

Reps: 10-30



Exercise # 3 – Diagonals

tart this exercise while performing the “hugged” position, and then extend your legs out together while tilting to one side and holding your hands behind your head for support.

Hold in the tilted posture for 2-3 seconds and return to the original “hugged” position with your legs folded close to your chest. Repeat this exercise again while working on the other side as well.


Reps: 10-20 (each side)



Exercise # 4 – Swing

Start this exercise with your legs straightened in the air at a 45-degree angle and with your palms supporting your thighs. Then, slightly swing back and forth repetitively for 5-10 seconds. Try to find the balancing point so you will be able to conduct the swing exercise smoothly.


Reps: 10-20


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