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Success Starts in Motion : Outdoor Endurance Training Workshop



"Ultramarathoner Trai You The Same Way She Did With Israeli Military"

- ThePostGame


The "Ultra Leadership Method" Is The Coaching Technique for Setting Ultra Goals & Achieving Them.

The program is founded and taught by Ashmoret (Ash) Mishal, who is a former military & special forces trainer, ultra-marathoner champion of the 125 mile and a published author.

As a leadership and endurance trainer, Ash has led thousands of groups and individual for the past 8 years in her coaching career.

The Ultra.Training course is designed to give participants goals-based management and self- leadership tools using the structured "12 Steps to Power Performance" Method that is a proven formula for success.


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"12 Steps to Power Performance" Method:



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"Success Starts in Motion"

Through a personal, physical and unique experience, this 60 minutes group workshop will give participants the practical tools they need for succeeding in their personal & professional long- term goals.

Through endurance training and movement, this workshop will implement the following sets of skills:

♦ The setting of ideal- realistic goals

♦ Performance assessment, planning and strategy

♦ Practical use of existing and required resources


"You are about to be inspired and motivated...."



Ultra Leadership Method DVD


"I have met a lot of people that achieved a lot. But just a few of them dedicated their life to helping other achieve their maximum potential. 
You are about to be inspired and motivated, and most of all, to be given tools that will guarantee that at the end of Ash’s program, your life will change! You will be able to achieve those goals that every day you say ‘I wish I could do this. Why didn’t I do that?’ " - Aryeh Rifkin, Founder & CEO of JACLA and Social Dashboard.