Wall Resistance Exercising

Wall Resistance Exercising

Ashmoret Mishal


In this column, in the series of “Ultra Training,” I will be sharing with you my 5 main WALL exercises you can perform anywhere & anytime using a wall or a pole for resistance training.



- When you perform the following exercises, try to find a point you can focus on to increase your stability.

- These exercises are for intermediate and advanced levels, please be careful when performing the following exercises, be aware of the blood pressure impact when doing the “flipped” exercises.



Exercise # 1 – Standing Side Leg Stretch


Stand tall and raise your leg high in the air until you reach the highest point you can press your foot against the wall and hold in the position. Then, lift one arm high above your head while the other is trying to touch your raised foot – to increase the stretch. Inhale and hold for a few moments, while keeping your knee straight. Then perform the same stretch with the other leg.

Time: 15- 30 seconds


Exercise # 2 – Side Kick Extension


Stand tall and extend your leg into a high reversed back kick against the wall. Once your foot is pressed against the wall, hold in the position for a few moments, while extending your lateral arm straight across with a punch.

Reps: 5-10 (each side)

Time: 5-15 seconds


Exercise # 3 – Hip Raise with feet Press- Out


Lie face up on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat against the wall, supporting yourself with arms pressing against the floor. Keeping your knees together with a 90 degrees angle, raise your upper body so it is a few inches off the floor. Pause for up to 5-10 seconds in the up position, and then lower your body back to the starting position.

Reps: 5-15

Time: 5-10 seconds


Exercise # 4 – Wall Push- Up


Get down on your knees and feet straight out. Keep your abs tight and lean with your chest close to the wall or pole while your palms support your static position. Hold for 5-10 seconds, and then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise again. Be careful with this exercise if you suffer from back pain, as this exercise pressures your lower back.

Reps: 5-10

Time: 5-10 seconds


Exercise #5 – Wall Backward Hand Stand


This is an advanced exercise, for those who can perform a hand stand: Put your elbows and palms on the floor and stand up for a hand raise while your legs are supported against the wall. Keep your abs tight and your legs straight high. Maintain your balance and breathe deeply. Hold for 5-10 seconds, and then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise again.

Reps: 5

Time: 5-10 seconds

Ashmoret Mishal