The Online Academy


It all started when…

I have trained many running groups and have always been frustrated by the fact that my trainees got back home with nothing more than cramps and muscle pain. I wanted more than that for them. I wished that the running will give them something extra, an additional value beyond the physical fitness benefit.

The ideas I implement in the method came to me while I was running a 90 mile ultra-marathon. I had a very hard moment there. After 45 miles of constant running my body demanded that I quit. Instead, I picked myself up to continue and suddenly realized - this is what leadership is all about and just as I am picking myself up at this hard time of crisis, this could help people develop leadership skills at work and in life. When I had this epiphany, I realized that this is what I sought after for a very long time.

My method helps people to set, plan & execute their "ultra" goals in life, business, wellness and sports, as long as they're specific and measurable. This "12 Steps to Power Performance" method is now available online, as an interactive online coaching program.